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The Survey

Are you a Game Master? Please take this survey!

This survey is designed to collect a wide variety of data with which I hope to provide a picture of who we are as Game Masters. The first part is primarily basic demographic data. The second part is specific to the experience of Game Masters.

A few points:

For the purposes of this survey, the term “Game Master” (or GM) refers to any host, referee, etc. who maintains and runs a table-top role-playing game.

RPGs refer to table-top games in which players take on the personas of characters to participate in a storytelling simulation.

Also, the term “online gaming” refers playing traditional table-top RPGs via Skype or some sort of teleconferencing/gaming software via the Internet. It DOES NOT refer to online games such as World of Warcraft.

In this survey I may ask some questions that you feel are uncomfortable. Please be assured that all data collected in this survey remains 100% anonymous and is only gathered in order to give me a more complete picture of who we are.

So with that…

Take the Survey


  • All information submitted to this survey is 100% anonymous and used only for the purposes of this project.
  • While this information is being gathered for the purposes of publication, no information will be sold or given to any third party outside of the stated purposes of this project.
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