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“Terror in the Depths” available now at the DMs Guild!

January 11, 2019

terror coverIf you’re into Dungeons & Dragons 5e, be sure and check out my third offering with the Dungeon Masters Guild, a second-tier sandbox adventure called “Terror in the Depths.”

The town of Portsmouth bears a terrible secret. A powerful cult has set its eye on the party of adventurers that have stumbled upon its mystery. Can the party free Portsmouth of the cult’s oppressive darkness—and will they face the focus of the cult’s sinister adoration? 

This is a sandbox-style adventure for a 6th to 9th level party.  It can be used in any setting or campaign.

It’s set up to “pay what you want,” so feel free to throw me a buck or not. Either way, try it out and post a review! I want to write better adventures and constructive feedback really helps.

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