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“Rise of the Crimson Prince” Available on DMs Guild

December 19, 2018

cover imageSo, I’ve really been enjoying creating adventures in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition lately. I’ve been running my wife through a campaign and I’ve run an adventure at a con (see Lone Star Game Expo). It’s a great game with lots of potential for great adventure!

So, I’ve been toying with the guidelines at the DM’s Guild, a website devoted to fan-created content for D&D, and have created a module for introductory characters of 1st level entitled “Rise of the Crimson Prince.” I think it’s a great way to introduce characters to a campaign and provides an interesting background in which to do it.

Be sure and check out the DM’s Guild for “The Rise of the Crimson Prince.” Pay what you want for the adventure and give it a shot. Feel free to let me know what you think!

Here’s a link, in case you didn’t get it in the text:


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