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June 25, 2018

Just got back from SoonerCon 27 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Had a PHENOMENAL time meeting with friends, making new friends, and running some great games. This is my third SoonerCon and I definitely intend to keep up the tradition of attending.

This year I ran two sessions of 7th Sea and was a co-GM of a Dresden Files LARP put on by one of the gaming groups of which I’m a member (shout out to Red Dirt Roleplayers!).

I also did a bit of cosplay–who else would a bald, bearded guy like me dress up as but Ming the Merciless?

The staff at SoonerCon was a just great and the people I gamed with were awesome. It was a great weekened.

I’ll be running 7th Sea again at FenCon later this year in mid-September and will be running 7th Sea and D&D 5e at Lone Star Games Expo in early September. Really looking forward to it.

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