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Sponsor Me for Extra Life?

September 27, 2017

extralifeI have been given an opportunity to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network at a upcoming event for Extra Life.

The gaming group I play with in Lawton, Oklahoma (, is hosting a gaming event at All Things Entertaining in Lawton.

We would start at 11am Saturday November 4th and go to 5am Sunday November 5th for an 18 hour gaming marathon. We will soon have pledge cards posted online to help you to raise money for the event or if you would like to pledge to one of the individuals playing, like me, just let me know.

We are looking for pledges and/or donations for the event. The more we raise, the more you help sick kids. Remember that if pledged for all 18 hours, a single $1/ hour donation will raise $18 or you could just donate whatever you can afford. We would like everyone’s help in making this first event a success. If you would like to play with, us we will be running a variety of table top games and, of course, a great variety of board and card games.

 I’ll keep you posted on new developments.
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