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This is the End (or Is It?)

July 3, 2017

News and Announcements

As of today, this project is five years old.

I had hoped to gather a lot of information from a lot of GMs with which to get a snapshot of who we are as a subset of the culture. My ultimate goal was to gather both data (in the form of a survey) and stories (in the form of interviews) and put them together in a book that would serve as a picture of who we are as game masters.

I only got 5 interviews.

I only got 73 responses on the survey.

When it comes to “der Interwebz,” I am only a small fish in a very, very large pond. So my voice was simply not heard and I didn’t get the response I hoped for. I put out posts on various message boards, spoke to some GMs personally, put out flyers in the large metropolitan area in which I live.

But, still, not much of a response.

As a result, this project has come to an end. On the “Survey” page of this site, and via the link below, you can see the results of my survey, such as they are. I think it’s still interesting, but not a very wide-ranging, picture of what I wanted to see.

HOWEVER, I will continue this blog and my journey as a GM. I want to continue to explore that central question of who we are. What makes us tick? What makes us do what we do? Why do we do it and how can we do it better? Maybe I can still get some answers.

If you’re a GM and want to share some of your techniques, tips, tricks, or your story, I’m still willing to do interviews and post them on the blog.

But the project that I hoped would become a book? That is no more.

Survey Results

Here are the Survey Results

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