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Little Earthquakes

October 26, 2016

rc_newlogoSo this past weekend I ran my first convention game at ReaperCon, here in North Texas. How did it go?


I ran a Dresden Files RPG/Fate Core game set in Portland, Oregon called “Little Earthquakes.” The players were all friends and colleagues of a murdered college student who died on the very day that a series of earthquakes began plaguing the city.

I had a great group of players who really took my pre-gens and ran with them. There was a mix of experienced players and those that hadn’t played this system, but I provided quick reference sheets, which helped. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the players were and how important they were in making this a great game.

I was nervous, but was able to rein it in and run a successful session. I luckily had the help of some players who were veterans to keep me on the path, rules-wise, but still, I feel pleased with the job I did–which is rare. I usually beat myself up after a session with all the things I know I did wrong. This one, not so much.

Some things I learned:

  • Schedule more time. I only allotted myself 3 hours for the session and I needed at least an hour more (we went over, but, fortunately, no one had my table reserved after me).
  • The props I had helped. The help sheets and photo-quality placards to place in front of players to identify their character helped immensely.
  • Get with the con folks about “goodies” for scheduled games. I wasn’t really briefed by the con organizers, but apparently I should have had ‘Reaper Bucks’ and badge ribbons for my players when they completed a game. I managed to get them afterwards, but now I know.
  • Give each player a moment to shine. This is something I did right and it really helped everyone have a good time.
  • Give bennies for creativity. It’s a convention game, not a campaign. If a character is being creative with the rules or the setting, go with it. As long as its fun, roll with the punches.

Would I do it again? I think so. I really enjoyed myself and the players seemed to enjoy themselves as well. I felt really good–elated–afterwards. Yes, I just might do this again.

  1. Sounds like a great success! I’m glad you had fun– I always regret not being able to play more games at the con. I hope you run another game next year 🙂

    • I probably will run another game next year…this one was so much fun! I hope you come by and check it out!

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