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See You at ReaperCon!

August 23, 2016


ReaperCon 13, sponsored by Reaper Miniatures, will be held October 20 – October 23, 2016 at the Premier Event Center in Lewisville, Texas. I’ve never attended the convention, though it’s only a few miles from my home. This year not only will I be attending, but I will be running a game at the con.

I’m more than a little bit nervous.

I’ve never run a game in a convention setting before. I’m nervous, but am looking forward to the experience. I’m getting myself well-prepared with my scenario, making sure that I have plenty of supplies so that folks can just sit down and play, and trying to make this as much of a welcoming experience for my players as I can. I figure if I can do that, I’ll be less nervous as well.

So, if you’re in North Texas in late October, come on by. There are 10 player slots at my table. I’ll be running a Dresden Files RPG/Fate Core game for the Red Dirt Roleplayers group on Saturday afternoon at 3 pm.

Here’s a schedule of gaming events for the con…

Hope to see you there!

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