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Roleplaying in the RAW–Part Deux: Off-Label Gaming

February 27, 2015
Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

A while back, I wrote about roleplaying in the RAW (Rules As Written). Essentially, I said that I generally like to play in the RAW unless I really feel comfortable in the rules set because of all the ramifications that changing the rules can bring–especially in a rules-heavy game like Pathfinder (which I’m running right now).

Now, of course, the folks over at Gnome Stew have published a piece that has gone over the topic much better than I have. Phil Vecchione calls it “Off-Label Gaming” when you go away from rules as written and excellently goes over all of the things you have to take into consideration when you decide to go off the beaten path. I sincerely hope you check it out because it says what I wanted to say in a much more organized way.

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