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Roleplaying in the RAW

November 27, 2013


I’m in the midst of my first Pathfinder campaign and things are going fairly well. It’s a rules-heavy system, so there has been a lot of looking up and puzzling out various arcane codes to figure out what’s going on in combat, but it has, nevertheless, run fairly smoothly.

When playing  a new game, I usually like to play completely in the “rules as written” (RAW). I simply don’t feel comfortable enough in the game to make modifications as I go because I don’t know the repercussions of such change. Especially in a complex game like Pathfinder. One tweak can affect not only the rule itself, but any feats, spells, or special abilities that depend upon that rule. Thus, I’m very wary to deviate from the rules unless I have a good sense of what else that rule affects. I want to learn THIS game, not the game I think it should be, before I start with any home rules.

That’s not to say I never tweak rules or come up with alternate ways to do things. I just usually like to start with the RAW and see where that takes me before jacking with it.

Some may see this as a very conservative approach, but I like to think of it as prudent.

What about you? Do you make tweaks as you go with a new game or play in the RAW?

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