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State of the Project

December 14, 2012

News and Announcements

So, as of right now I’ve had only 60 respondents to my online survey. I’ve also conducted a paltry 6 interviews (one of them being with myself). So it is safe to say that this project has stalled.

I honestly don’t know how many responses I need to have but I know that this is not the response that I’ve been looking for.

But I’m not giving up.

I’ve placed flyers up at various local gamer hangouts. I’ve Tweeted (via my own account) to various RPG sites to drum up “business”. I’ve placed ads in various RPG forums.

But I’m not giving up.

I am trying to contact a local sci-fi con to allow me to place flyers in at the freebie table and in the guest bags. I may set up a separate social media (Twitter, Facebook) for this project.

It’s only been six months. I keep trying to remind myself of this.

Not. Giving. Up.

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