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Roll the Bones: Reaper’s Kickstarter to Ramp Up Production

July 28, 2012

ReaperOne of the many reasons that I’m proud to be from Denton, Texas (“The Home of Happiness“) is that it is also the home Reaper Miniatures, the premier gaming mini company. Not only do they produce great product but they host all kinds of gaming events (not the least of which is ReaperCon) and are just the nicest folks to work with. And right now…they need our help.

The Bones line of miniatures has been one of their biggest sellers of late and they really want to kick up production of this line for the fans. But doing that takes time and money. The minis are very expensive to produce. So, instead of taking it slow and steady, increasing the line over the course YEARS, they’d like to get a kick in the money bags to get them out faster–without chincing out on the quality.

Dark Heaven BonesTo do this, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to get your help. It’s that simple–if you’re a fan and want to see more of the minis you love, chip in. Plus, you get some nice swag–including some exclusive minis for your collection.

So, I’ve chipped in my bit…now it’s your turn:

Want to Kickstart the Reaper Bones Line?

Go to and take a look at the many levels at which you can contribute.

  1. I’d like to add that this launched at 6pm Monday night, and in the intervening 112 hours (as of time of posting this) we have met funding, and 3 stretch goals, so there’s some pretty sweet rewards available – and more sweet stuff being shown for the next 2 stretch goals!

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