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Progress Report: Slow Build

July 22, 2012

Progress ReportSo, we’re now about three weeks into the project. It’s early yet, but we’re progressing at a bit of a slower pace than I originally anticipated.  Well, really “hoped” more than actually “anticipated.”

I’ve got a few interviews lined up with folks–some are even with folks that I haven’t met before, which is pretty exciting. And we’ve had about 21 responses to the survey.

The nice folks at Gnome Stew posted a notice on their Google+ account about the project, which I think is going to increase my exposure. I’ve run some tweets and Facebook notices that have gotten a bit of a response. I’ve also posted some old-fashioned fliers in a variety of shops in my area to try and drum up some local support.

Regardless, though, I haven’t received the amount of responses I’d like to see. I know it’s early in the game, though, so I’m still optimistic.

What I’m really hoping for is a flood of survey responses and interview requests so that I can keep up the content of the blog and get a legitimate representative sample of the GM community. I’d really love to hear from some female GMs and about their experiences. GMs or players with special needs who game as hard as anyone else. GMs from non-Anglo backgrounds who bring their unique experience to the game.

I want to hear from ALL of us.

So, it’s only the first few weeks–the opening adventure–of a long campaign. It’s a slow start–but it is a start. Maybe, with your help, we can get the momentum building.

If you’ve participated already, great! Thank you! Now go out and spread the word!

If you haven’t participated yet–what are you waiting for? It that “How to Participate” up top and get to it!


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