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What’s all this then?

July 1, 2012

This is the first post of a new blog I intend to develop regarding a project that’s near and dear to my heart: game mastering.

I want to gather the stories of real game masters. I want to post interviews and discussions with them. I want to develop a survey to gather data about them.

Most of all I want to answer one question: Who are game masters?

So that’s what the “Master of the Game” project is all about.

It’s a work in progress, so your patience will be appreciated. But I hope to get rolling soon and, who knows, maybe even make a decent book out of my–our–experiences.

So if you are a game master, or know any game masters, send them this way. Follow the blog. More will be coming on how you can be part of the project. Because, as any good game master knows, I can’t do it alone.


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  1. Love tthis

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